May 26, 2019


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Mlm Leads – The Trick Of Generating Mlm Leads

Attracting more coaching clients with webinars isn’t just for coaching gurus and big wigs. Webinars are also for small businesses like yours. Even if it’s “just you” that won’t stop you from having a very successful, fun, exciting and informative webinar for your clients or potential clients.

And speaking of audience participation, you should poll your audience. You can have a lot of fun with this. I’ve asked my audience questions such as: “Have you been on a webinar with me before?” “Do you have a membership site?” Or even “which test won?” I would show my audience a split test I ran, have them guess which version of my sales letter won, then I reveal the answer.

Include a resource box with your article that will send traffic back to your website or blog. Don’t be shy in your resource box telling your audience why you are the best in your industry.

There are most likely many things you could be earning money from each day. Do you have graphic skills? Are you good at creating web sites? Do you know how to drive traffic to a web site? Do you know how to get rid of pet urine stains? Do you know an easier way to do a common task? Really what you need to do is take a personal inventory of the things you have knowledge about.

Listen up: All that matters from is how much assets are raised from how few of clients. Yeah – you should want lots of assets and very few clients. This is NOT rocket science.

E-zines & Newsletters: These can be written using Microsoft Word or Open Office again and are great ways to create information products that can be delivered to your customers over email or physical mail.

But your business may be different (but not unique, marketing strategies are marketing strategies). So test for yourself, use the techniques that work best with your U.S.P. and clearly targeted market… and watch your profits soar.

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